Thursday, 01 November 2012 11:17

Vivian Dawson plays male lead in new film

The New Zealand model talks about intimate scenes and his new movie role in Pink Ladies

Vivian Dawson & Aya

Singer Jolin Tsai's rumoured boyfriend Vivian Dawson will be taking on his first male lead role in the movie remake, Pink Ladies, which co-stars Taiwanese host Aya.

The model reportedly pocketed a substantial payout of approximately TWD$1 million (S$41,800), ten times that of his previous film, Double Trouble.

In Pink Ladies, Vivian portrays a magician and is romantically linked to Aya. Unlike other male actors who have several kissing scenes with her, Vivian will only be showing off his upper torso in the movie.

When asked if Jolin imposed restrictions over his intimate scenes during the media conference, he denied, "[Jolin] does not ask about it."

Aya, who was dancing in heels onstage, made fun of the couple and said, "Jolin can do it, so can I!"

Due to his limited proficiency in Mandarin, Vivian spent four months memorising his lines and mastering different magic tricks for the movie.

The model-turned-actor also requested for translation help when reporters asked if he would fall in love with Aya due to influence from his role.

"Do you have selective hearing?" Aya joked in reply.

Vivian Dawson & Aya

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