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Wang Weiliang “sabos” Tosh Zhang

The boys from local hit film Ah Boys To Men share on their roles and memorable filming experiences in xinmsn’s Art of Love

Tosh Zhang Wang Weiliang

He may look and sound like an ‘Ah Beng’, but the star of Jack Neo’s highly successful local film Ah Boys To Men, Wang Weiliang, affirmed that he is definitely not one.

Following his big screen debut, Weiliang reunites with his buddy Tosh Zhang in xinmsn’s new web series Art of Love. Weiliang plays Ah Ming, a drummer in the lion dance troupe, while Tosh plays Alvin, a rock drummer and overseas graduate.

In an interview with xinmsn, Weiliang shared that his roles are so far similar to his own character and hopes to take on a different role in future.

When asked if there is a particular role that he wants to try, Weiliang pleaded jokingly, “Anything is fine; just don’t make me act as an Ah Beng anymore.”

As his previous role of ‘Lobang’ in Ah Boys To Men left a deep impression on moviegoers, Weiliang admitted that it is hard to get rid of the stereotype now. “Maybe because I look like one and I speak very fluent Hokkien because I was brought up by my grandmother, and top of that I also acted as Lobang, so everyone has this impression that I am an Ah Beng.”

“But I’m really not,” he emphasised.

Playing a drummer in the lion dance troupe, Weiliang shared that he is familiar with the Chinese drums because he started learning lion dance at the age of 12 and has been performing for 12 years. While he had no issues playing drums in the show, the 25-year-old shared that the most difficult scene was a basketball match with Tosh.

“Actually, I can’t really play basketball well, but I had to show off the basketball techniques and act like I was so good at it,” laughed Weiliang.

Tosh Zhang Wang Weiliang

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