Tuesday, 15 April 2014 12:15

Wen Zhang and Ma Yili have a family outing

Wen Zhang was spotted with wife Ma Yili for the first time since news of his infidelity broke

Wen Zhang Ma Yili

Chinese actor Wen Zhang’s affair with co-star Yao Di was revealed last month, destroying the actor’s family man image and inciting public outrage. However, his wife, actress Ma Yili, was extremely forgiving towards the issue. She stated online that marriage is something “to be cherished”, hinting that she had already forgiven her wayward husband for straying from their marriage.

Speculation about the state of their marriage was raised when the actress was seen enjoying steamboat with her two daughters and parents recently, with Wen Zhang missing from the picture.

However, assumptions that Wen Zhang and Yili’s marriage was failing were debunked when netizens claimed to have spotted Wen Zhang and Yili at a ski rink in Beijing, where they stood watching their eldest daughter skate on ice - as if nothing had ever happened.

On the same day, netizens also spotted “third-party” Yao Di participating in a film shoot as per normal.

Wen Zhang Ma Yili

Wen Zhang Ma Yili

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