03 January 2014 08:45 | By Candice Neo
What chills your bones in horror flicks

Find out what’s scary and what’s not in your favourite horror movies!

A Tale of Two Sisters (© Movie Poster: A Tale of Two Sisters)
  • A Tale of Two Sisters (© Movie Poster: A Tale of Two Sisters)
  • The Ring Sadako (© Movie Stills: The Ring)
  • One Missed Call (© Movie Stills: One Missed Call)
  • Ju On (© Movie Stills: Ju On)
  • Horror
  • 4bia (© Movie Stills: 4bia)
  • The Exorcist (© Movie Stills: The Exorcist)
  • The Conjuring (© Movie Poster: The Conjuring)
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The New Year not only welcomes a spate of celebratory shows, but also brings in a flicker of terror. In January alone, three horror films are creeping their way onto our big screen. Although the last widely discussed great flick in this genre, The Conjuring, was aeons ago, we try to be a bit hopeful.

Upcoming Devil’s Due weaves a tale about a disturbing foetus growing in his mother’s womb, while the Korean Two Moons depicts two women and a man trapped in an isolated place. An unofficial spinoff from the Paranormal Activity series, The Marked Ones, is about a Catholic inquiry into a suspected demonic possession, set in a parallel universe relative to the films in the main series.

With so many ghosts, vampires and whatnot competing for our eyeballs (and money), do you get an adrenaline rush, or do you moan ‘not again it’s not scary’?

xinmsn takes a close look at some of these horror elements that give us heart palpitations, and those we simply can’t help but roll our eyes at.

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones is now showing in cinemas.
Devil’s Due opens in cinemas on January 16.
Two Moons opens in cinemas on January 23.

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