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Wong Cho Lam was framed by industry insider?

Wong Cho Lam refuted accusations that he collaborated with a company that hired illegal foreign workers

Wong Cho Lam Leanne Li

Hong Kong actor Wong Cho Lam refuted accusations that he is collaborating with a company that hires illegal foreign labour.

On Monday, Cho Lam and his girlfriend, Canadian actress Leanne Li, visited Tsim Sha Tsui for an event.

When asked if this was their first time attending an event as ‘husband and wife’, Cho Lam laughingly replied: “It’s the first time”, but Leanne jumped in to clear the air with “it’s ‘lovers’” to which Cho Lam jokingly remarked: “It’s ‘lovers’, you guys are quite sly.”

His girlfriend added: “I’m very happy today, since I can make money and see Cho Lam at the same time.”

Cho Lam sighed in agreement, “Yes, if I don’t see her more, we’re going to end up breaking up. We haven’t seen each other for one whole month, and we don’t go home much. However, we’re not living with each other.”

When probed about their wedding plans and if they would be interested in a wedding at sea, Cho Lam replied: “Of course we will be heading in that direction, but right now we don’t have the time. We’ll have to earn enough money as a couple first before forming a husband and wife team. As for a wedding at sea, it depends on whether there are sponsors.”

Recently, there have been rumours that Cho Lam is in collaboration with a company who hires illegal foreign labourers. The actor refuted the claims, asserting, “I only found out about this the night before, and I’ve hired a lawyer to handle it. I’ve also talked this over with my company. The accuser wrote a lot of untrue information. The scriptwriter whom I hired was not from said company, and I’m only renting an office space from them. Just by looking at the content he wrote, I’m well aware that he is an industry insider, and I know who he is.”

Cho Lam declined comment on the identity of the whistleblower and said, “It’s enough that I know who it is, I’m only speaking up to warn the person from doing any more despicable acts. I might be taking legal action. Furthermore, the illegal labourers that he mentioned aren’t illegal workers at all.”

Did he offend anyone to bring this upon himself?

 “I haven’t offended anyone, but that person might feel that I have offended him, or he might simply be jealous. There are a lot of wicked people in this world, but I won’t let this issue affect my mood today, I’ll continue to be happy. Let’s just forget him!” said Cho Lam.

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Wong Cho Lam Leanne Li

Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li

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