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Xu Bin, the ladies’ man

The up-and-coming actor revealed that he has more female friends than male buddies

Xu Bin

“When I was in secondary school, my friends told me that one can become manlier after entering the army,” he said. “I was very skinny back then and so I thought becoming a soldier would really make me stronger.”

Other than having the habit of crossing his legs while sitting and his gentle voice tone, Xu Bin emphasised that he is extremely different from his “sissy” character in the drama. He admitted that it was challenging to accept the role at first, and that he felt a great sense of accomplishment after overcoming the psychological barrier eventually.

In the series, his effeminate character (Romeo Qin Sheng) can’t live a day without masking his face. In real life, however, Xu Bin does not commit to a regular skincare routine despite the advice he received from the people around him.

Although the young chap recently suffered a slight outbreak due to his hectic schedule, he chose to make adjustments to his diet instead of masking on a regular basis.

Xu Bin, who has exchanged his student pass for a work permit after graduating from Temasek Polytechnic last year, let on that he has not researched on the requirements nor tried applying for permanent residence in Singapore, though he has once considered doing so.

The Recruit Diaries airs every Thursday from July 18, at 8.30pm on Ch8.

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Xu Bin



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