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Yammie Lam reappears after confession of rape

Former TVB actress re-emerges into the media spotlight

Yammie Lam

Former Hong Kong actress Yammie Lam reappeared for the first time after she recently admitted that she had been raped by two heavyweights in the film industry.

The 50-year-old actress, who was famed for her beauty and talent in the ‘80s and ‘90s, recently confirmed speculations that she was raped 30 years ago, after a recording of an interview with her former manager was released. In the recording, her former manager and good friend Yang Man Li said that Yammie once told her she was raped.

After the confession, Yammie re-emerged a few days ago with a friend. She was seen with greying hair, wearing a white coat, white shoes and sporting a backpack. She also appeared to be in good spirits and have gained weight.

When asked by reporters how she was feeling, Yammie remained silent, while her friend replied: “Very good.”

She also did not reply to queries if she would meet her good friend Carina Lau, who revealed that she was worried about Yammie after finding out about her rape case.

Yammie’s friend then told reporters that Yammie, who is also suffering from mental instability, has started to attend church recently. She also said that her faith and church friends have been helping her to cope with her illness, and requested for the media to leave her alone if possible.

The actress’ confession have sparked an outpouring of concern from her friends in the entertainment industry.  The Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild has also said that it will approach Yammie to provide her any help she requires.

Yammie also mentioned that in the industry, she only trusts Andy Lau and Jackie Chan. When asked to comment at an event recently, Jackie Chan said: “It’s complicated, and can’t be summarised in a few sentences. Next time we can have a private interview and speak about this.”

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Yammie Lam

Yammie Lam

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