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Yang Mi on bad terms with in-laws?

Rumour has it that Chinese actress Yang Mi does not get along with husband Hawick Lau’s parents

Yang Mi Hawick Lau

Chinese actress Yang Mi is reportedly at loggerheads with actor husband Hawick Lau’s parents.

Yang Mi (also known as Mini Yang) and Hawick Lau tied the knot in Bali, Indonesia in January. Soon after, the happy couple revealed that Yang Mi was three months pregnant, with the expected due date set in late June.

As she intends for her child to be a Hong Kong citizen, Yang Mi relocated there in March to live with her in-laws. Unfortunately, rumour has it that their relationship is anything but rosy, and the actress supposedly has frequent skirmishes with her husband’s parents.

Recently, Yang Mi was spotted going for her routine check-up with her mother-in-law as her pregnancy entered its 7th month. During the trip, she allegedly had zero contact with the latter, and stalked off without even looking back when they reached home.

Rumours of Yang Mi not getting along with her in-laws have been rampant. Earlier, it was said that she threw a tantrum publicly when her father-in-law divulged too many details about her wedding plans.

Facing the dilemma of siding with his wife or his parents, Hawick has reportedly been staying in Hong Kong whenever he is able to. He is currently overseeing the construction of their new marital home so that the unpleasantness between his wife and parents can be avoided.

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Yang Mi Hawick Lau

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