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Yao Yuan Hao ditches Cyndi Wang for a basketball game?

The Taiwanese actor was seen playing basketball with his friends instead of spending time with his girlfriend Cyndi Wang after wrapping up his drama

Yao Yuan Hao

Yao Yuan Hao was spotted playing basketball with his friends instead of spending time with his singer-actress girlfriend Cyndi Wang after wrapping up filming for his upcoming drama.

The Taiwanese actor recently made a public apology to Cyndi for not being able to spend time with her lately as he had been busy filming his new drama The Red Riding Hood and The Small Wolf.

According to the Taiwanese media, filming for the drama wrapped up last week and Yuan Hao was seen driving a red Ferrari sports car to meet his friends for a basketball match.

The actor, who is highly popular among housewives and young girls, was instantly recognised by the public when he arrived at the basketball court, and many ladies and students went up to him to request for a photo with him.

After playing for about an hour and a half, Yuan Hao proceeded to a soy beancurd store with one of his friends for dessert. The two then separated and left for their own homes after eating for 10 minutes.

When asked about Yuan Hao driving a million-dollar sports car and ditching his girlfriend for a basketball game, his manager explained that the car belongs to his friend.

“Yuan Hao only slept an average of two hours per day while filming his drama and he had no time to exercise. So, he asked his friends out to play basketball now that the drama has wrapped up and he has time,” he added.

The couple seem to be enjoying their personal time alone, as Cyndi was seen at Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang’s concert with a friend on that same night.

Their relationship began receiving a lot of attention after Yuan Hao publicly declared his love for Cyndi early this year.

Yao Yuan Hao

Cyndi Wang

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