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Yao Yuan Hao does not mind co-acting with ex-girlfriend Sonia Sui

The Taiwanese actor said that he is open to the idea of acting alongside his ex-girlfriend Sonia Sui in the future

Yao Yuan Hao Cheryl Yang

Taiwanese actor Yao Yuan Hao revealed that his relationship with girlfriend Cyndi Wang is stable and he does not mind acting with ex-girlfriend Sonia Sui in the future.

Following his high-profiled separation from ex-girlfriend Sonia in May last year, Yuan Hao and Taiwanese singer-actor Cyndi Wang’s rekindled romance made headlines in November. As Cyndi was believed to be the third party in Sonia and Yuan Hao’s relationship, the pair has been criticised for failing to spare a thought for Sonia’s feelings, and showing off their bliss and dating openly.

Attending the private screening for his upcoming drama The Red Riding Hood and The Small Wolf yesterday, Yuan Hao told reporters that he had insomnia the night before because he was too nervous.

After a long break from the acting scene, Yuan Hao confessed that he was worried the audience would have forgot about him.

As Yuan Hao’s character in his new show is said to be a coward, the actor admitted yesterday that he thinks he is also a “coward” in reality.

When asked if his remark was made with reference to his actions towards Sonia, Yuan Hao claimed that he was joking and revealed that his relationship with Cyndi is at a stable stage.

He also said that he would not restrict Cyndi from visiting him during filming and does not mind co-acting with her if there is a chance in the future.

When reporters asked if this applies to his ex-girlfriend Sonia, an awkward Yuan Hao replied that he is open to the idea of working with her in the future as well.

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