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Yoga Lin gets more flak for his online posts

Chinese netizens ordered the Taiwanese Mandopop star to leave China

Yoga Lin

Taiwanese Mandopop singer Yoga Lin received criticism from Chinese netizens after he spoke up about the China-Taiwan trade pact two weeks ago. A few days back, he posted another message that appeared to contain a political message, raising the ire of Chinese netizens again.

On Saturday, he posted on Facebook a message titled ‘The six friends that we must have in life’, and wrote: “Sand is useless, mud is useless, but when they are mixed together, they become concrete, and can be used to build a house. Petrol is a coveted good, and so is rice, but when they are mixed together they lose their use altogether. It doesn’t matter if it is originally a useless or useful good; what matters is who you mix with.”

Many netizens felt that his message contained an implied meaning, and again called for him to leave China. Some even added: “It’s a good thing you broke up with (Hong Kong singer) G.E.M Tang, because you don’t deserve her.”

On the other hand, his former girlfriend G.E.M’s popularity has risen though after clinching second place at the ‘I Am a Singer’ competition in China. She declared on Weibo: “In very good spirits… Thank you Khalil Fong (with whom she collaborated with for her finale song ‘In Summer’), for bringing such warmth and love to ‘In Summer’. When I’m old, today is the ‘Summer’ that I will hope to return to.”

G.E.M Tang

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