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Zax Wang’s wife hospitalised for vertebral dissection

Taiwanese artiste Ji Qin is said to be at risk of getting a mild stroke

Ji Qin Zax Wang

Taiwanese actress-host Ji Qin, wife of former 5566 member Zax Wang, was sent to the hospital on Monday, following complaints of a severe headache.

According to media reports, Ji Qin has been suffering from migraines for the past two months. As she was preoccupied with work and her two kids, Le Le and Ya Ya, the 37-year-old shelved her plans to go for a medical check-up, despite her aggravated condition due to the recent climate change.

Fortunately, Zax was home when her headache worsened on Monday. Ji Qin was immediately brought to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, where the doctor stated that she has a dissection (flap-like tear) in the inner lining of the vertebral artery, which is located in the neck and supplies blood to the brain. At the doctor’s advice, Ji Qin was admitted into the hospital for observation as her condition also puts her at risk of getting a mild stroke.

While speaking to the media, Zax assured everyone that his wife is recovering well and thanked the fans for their concern. “She’s being put on drip and medication, but she is able to eat normally,” he said. “Luckily the situation was discovered early.  She needs to stay here for about a week.”

Zax added that Ji Qin’s condition might have been triggered by a bad massage during her overseas trip or over-exertion while she was exercising. “The doctor said that the symptoms can happen to young people, and not just the elderly. Everyone should take care of their health,” he reiterated.

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