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Zhang Shanwei rejects visits from friends

Zhang Shanwei declined visits as he wanted to concentrate on his rehabilitation

Zhang Shanwei

Taiwan singer-actor Zhang Shanwei underwent spinal surgery to remove the blood clots around his nerves in November last year, when he had symptoms of numb legs and had trouble urinating. A checkup revealed that he had contracted a viral infection, causing blood clotting around his spine, and he immediately had surgery to remove them.

Although the surgery was very successful, recuperation from it has been lengthy and slow. Shanwei was extremely low profile about transferring hospitals and rejected all visits from friends, only expressing on his Facebook: “I’m currently trying hard to move a toe.”

After five months of rehabilitation, Shanwei’s assistant revealed that the artiste has been under the care of professional nurses for the past few months, and can now eat food as per normal. Other than attending rehabilitation sessions, he spends most of his time sleeping. Last week, he was finally able to sit up on the bed, pleasantly surprising friends and family, but it is unknown when he will be able to leave the bed.

Regarding the rumours about Shanwei becoming stick-thin due to extreme weight loss, the assistant explained that although he has lost weight, the rumours are exaggerated. He added: “Many of his (Shanwei) friends wish to come visit him, but he doesn’t want everyone to see how sick he is right now, and he’s also worried about affecting the rehabilitation process.”

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Zhang Shanwei


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