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Zhang Zhen Huan: Jesseca Liu and I are “bosom friends”

The MediaCorp artiste dismissed rumours he is dating actress Jesseca Liu after his ambiguous comment in an earlier interview with a local magazine

Zhang Zhen Huan

Following the dating rumours that broke out recently between local artistes Jesseca Liu and Zhang Zhen Huan, the latter naturally became the centre of attention at the press conference of his upcoming drama Break Free last Thursday.

The drama, which also stars Tay Ping Hui, Terence Cao and Andie Chen, revolves around the four ex-convicts with different backgrounds who became best buddies after meeting in prison.

These four men turned out to be great buddies in reality as well, after working and living together for three months while shooting the drama series in Kuala Lumpur.

Sharing their memorable experiences in Kuala Lumpur at the press conference, Terence said that he often drove them around to search for famous Malaysian delicacies and Zhen Huan joked that he put on about 8kg as a result.

Zhen Huan also shared a frightening experience he encountered when a taxi driver locked him inside the cab and prevented him from leaving due to a misunderstanding.

“The taxi meter showed that the fare was only about RM10, but the driver insisted that I pay him RM80. I wanted to negotiate with him, but he locked the doors and stopped me from alighting. I had no choice but to give him what he wanted. It was the only way out.”

In an interview with local magazine 8 Days in January, Zhen Huan revealed that he is “together and yet not together with Jesseca” and his suggestive comments stirred rumours that the two are seeing each other in secret.

During an interview with xinmsn after the press conference, Zhen Huan was asked to comment on his relationship with Jesseca, but the actor insisted that the two of them are merely “very good friends” and attempted to divert the attention to his work.

“I once mentioned that my relationship depends on my career. I think that a man should put his work before anything else and focus on building a good foundation for his career. I hope that one day I can win an award and gain recognition for my acting, or get cast as the first male lead in a drama. I will only consider going into a relationship when that happens,” he said.

When asked to clarify his relationship with Jessica, Zhen Huan said, “She once said that we are very, very good friends, and I said that we are bosom buddies.”

In the interview with the magazine, Zhen Huan described Jesseca as his “soulmate”, but he told xinmsn that people might have misinterpreted his meaning.

“I actually meant that we are are ‘zhi ji’ (which means bosom friend or confidante in Chinese), and I thought an appropriate word for it in English is soulmate. But after that I realised there isn’t an exact English word that can accurately convey the meaning of the term ‘zhi ji’.”

Zhang Zhen Huan

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