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Zhou Xun gets intimate with her manager?

The Chinese actress is once again spotted getting a bit too cosy with her manager Chen Huihong

Zhou Xun

Famed Chinese actress Zhou Xun was seen going on dates with her manager Chen Huihong, who is a 50-year-old married man, sparking rumours that he is her new beau. The pair was spotted going for meals and walks together, though Zhou Xun, 39, has declared that they are merely friends.

However, two nights ago at a filmmaker’s dinner party in Beijing, the two were seen behaving intimately. As the event was not open for media coverage, they were seated together at the same table, though they arrived separately.

After downing a few drinks, both Zhou Xun and Huihong began to let down their guard. They started to whisper to each other in low voices and were seen sharing the same chair, and even holding hands for two seconds.

When queried about this, Huihong told reporters on the phone that his relationship with his wife Dennie Wong, a renowned composer from Hong Kong, has always been good. He also emphasised that Zhou Xun was also on good terms with her.

He added that he is merely friends with Zhou Xun. “It was very noisy that night, so we had to be close to hear each other,” he explained. “I certainly held her hand, because she drank too much and I had to support her. We are just colleagues.”

Zhou Xun

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