19 November 2012 11:22
Zoe Tay divulges “revealing” secret at 30th Drama Anniversary Show

The queen of Caldecott Hill did not mind being regarded as “open-minded” by colleagues

Zoe Tay
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During the interview, Ling Ling laughed and clarified, "It's not as dramatic as what Zoe said. At that time, we were more conservative and most of us would use such methods to avoid malfunctions. As for the pillows, Hanwei was young at that time, so how am I supposed to know what would he do to me?"

Ling Ling even jokingly told reporters that she and fellow actresses (Xiu Huan & Xiang Yun) needed to maintain their "sweetheart image", unlike Star Search winners like Zoe and Aileen Tan who were more "open-minded and daring".

Zoe did not mind her good friend Ling Ling's comment on her being open-minded.

"They wrapped almost every part of their bodies," Zoe said. "I was truly baffled."

Zoe admitted that she and fellow Star Search winners, Jazreel and Aileen, were the local television industry's "pioneers" when it came to risqué roles.

"Especially Aileen, who did not mind exposing her cleavage at that time!" Zoe said.

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