Will and Jada Pinkett Smith (AP Images)

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Where the Smiths are concerned, showbiz is family biz! Every member of the family has been thrown into the spotlight and with good reason!

Both Will and Jada have crafted solid, memorable acting and singing careers for themselves. Following closely in their footsteps, Jayden, Willow and Williard "Trey" Smith -- Will's child from his previous marriage -- have large fan followings due to their stellar performances at such a young age.

Work aside, Will and Jada have deep respect and endearment for one another and their children. Will credits his wife for pulling everyone together despite their hectic schedules.

With mutual understanding and love for each other, this couple is sure to go a long way. Though we're pretty sure that "really good sex" which Will shamelessly revealed as a tip for lasting marriage has a huge part to play!