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Saturday, 22 December 2012 21:24 | By Kim, JiYeon

'SSK4's Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young, and DickPunks Flaunt their Sexy Legs

SSK4's Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young, and DickPunks become sexy ladies

Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim, who have become popular through Mnet's Superstar K4, created laughter when they boasted their sexiness (?), receiving an assessment that perhaps they are hotter than actual women.

Jung Joon Young, Roy Kim, and others participated in the Superstar K4 Top 12 Concert on December 20 and 21 at the Olympic Park Handball stadium, managing to flip the concert arena upside down with their performance in drag.

'SSK4's Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young, and DickPunks Flaunt their Sexy Legs

As SISTAR's Alone flowed into the arena, Volume and Lee Ji Hye put on an enjoyably sexy performance, but suddenly the lights went out and when it flickered back in, in place of the sexy ladies were Roy Kim, Jung Joon Young, and DickPunk's Kim Hyun Woo and Park Garam dressed as SISTAR.

Using the S-lines and the curves created by the tight dresses, the singers awkwardly created stiff body waves and shook their bottoms, making the audience roar in laughter.

Despite the somewhat unpleasant sight, some spectators commented that the singers' sexy legs were better those of some women.

By the end of the performance, the men in drag seemingly gave up and started poppin' and lockin' and dancing all over the place.

Meanwhile, the Top 12 contestants of Superstar K4 spent two and half hours, performing everything from dance, rock, soul, hip-hop, ballad, to even jazz. The group will move to Incheon, Daegu, Gwangju, and Suwon to thank fans for their support during the competition.

Photo Credit: CJ E&M


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