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Friday, 11 January 2013 02:18 | By Kim, JiYeon

Ko Young Wook is Arrested and Imprisoned

Ko Young Wook is arrested on charges of molesting and having illicit sex with minors.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Ko Young Wook on charges of having illicit sex with and molesting minors.

Ko Young Wook is Arrested and Imprisoned

On January 10, the Seoul Western District Court issued an arrest warrant for Ko Young Wook.

A rep from the Court said in a phone call with enews that "the warrant was just issued for Mr. Ko Young Wook's arrest."

The rep added, "The warrant was issued as there was a possibility Mr. Ko Young Wook may attempt to destroy any evidence or flee."

As the warrant has been issued, Ko Young Wook will attend further investigations in an imprisoned state.

Ko Young Wook apologized for the first time since the incident first blew up, saying, "I'm sorry for causing such trouble. I will help the investigation as much as I can."

Police questioned Ko Young Wook on January 3 for molesting a minor. It then requested an arrest warrant on January 8, merging together the previous cases that had been transferred to prosecution in 2012. Prosecution then went on to request an arrest warrant to the court after seeing it fit to arrest him.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan


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