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Wednesday, 14 August 2013 18:44 | By Grace Danbi Hong

EXO's D.O Picks the Most Handsome Member of EXO

EXO D.O. chooses….

With 12 handsome wolves in one group, it's hard to pick the most handsome of them all. But for D.O., the choice has been already been made.

EXO recently participated in the recording of MBC Every1's Weekly Idol as a summer special, returning to the show just within a month of its last appearance.

EXO's D.O Picks the Most Handsome Member of EXO

During the filming, D.O. was asked to rank the members' looks in order.

“I think I'm pretty good looking, but between the members, I'm quite normal,” said D.O. humbly. “I think the team's best looking is our leader, Suho.”

Hearing D.O. say that about him, Suho could not hide his happiness as D.O. continued, “Even when Suho hyung is standing still, he's cool, but when he smiles, he's okay.”

Meanwhile, the other members were in complete shock at D.O.'s thoughts, making D.O. clarify that it's just one person's opinion.

The episode will broadcast on August 14.

Photo Credit: MBC Every1


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