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24 September 2012 12:36 | By Joanna Goh
What’s in a K-Pop band’s name redux

Because first impressions count, the team at MSN deciphers the meaning behind the band names of these established K-Pop acts

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Just for fun, we take a step back and shelve aside the new-age trend of numerals and letters to tackle and look into the names of some of these veteran K-Pop groups that have been around for the past few years.

Before newer bands like B1A4 and 7942 came into the picture with their fancy-schmancy group names imbued with digits and alphabets, there were established K-Pop groups with more coherent-sounding names -- that seem to make a whole lot more sense in English, or rather... Konglish (Korean mix English).

This one's for the clueless with zero impressions on K-Pop bands and their sometimes-relevant-but-most-times-not names. We promise to equip you with the basic know-how of identifying these bands.

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