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[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

'The King of Dramas' Episode 10, rewound, recapped

Did you check out the action that happened in episode 9? If you didn't, go here !

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Anthony wakes up to Kenji, telling him to give The Morning of Gyeongseong to Jaekuk Productions, because crooks only care about money and chopping off other people's hands.

Anthony reminds Kenji that they made a promise that the money was to be repaid by midnight. Kenji agrees to wait the three hours for money to be deposited into his account. He and his men leave as Anthony begins to pray that Go Eun will get the job done.

Go Eun is on the search for the bag, as Hyun Min tags along, nagging and complaining until Go Eun gives him a nasty glare.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Then Hyun Min runs into a group of fangirls (and he doesn't shy away from them at all) when Go Eun finds Anthony's phone. She asks the girls if they know if there are any fences around here.

With the girls' help, Go Eun and Hyun Min find Anthony's bag and start driving to Landowner Choi to sign the investment contract.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Still strapped to the chair, Anthony waits nervously. At the same time, the Chairman basks in dramatic classical music, while leaning back on his chair, just waiting for time to dwindle down and Anthony to be screwed over and perhaps, handless.

Go Eun and Hyun Min arrive at the home of the landowner, but he's not home, because he's out celebrating his new gain of money. They find out where the landowner is and Hyun Min drives through the highway as Anthony continues to panic in silence.

Back at Kenji's place, Akiko asks if Kenji has to do this, especially since it was his father's last wish to make this drama. Kenji doesn't care because he is the present and the future now. He adds that Akiko can leave the house now, since he doesn't need the past to drag him behind.

Just then, the clock chimes, reminding Kenji that it's midnight. Oh shoot.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Go Eun arrives at the restaurant and hurriedly looks through the reservation booklet to find the landowner's name. The lady at the counter gives her attitude for being rude, when Hyun Min pulls Go Eun aside and takes off his sunglasses.

“Hello, I am Kang Hyun Min.” He shoots the lady a charming glance and the lady starts freaking out with hand-clapping and everything. They're directed to the landowner right away.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Back in the basement, Kenji announces to Anthony that time has run out.
Kenji's men drag him to the table where a giant meat/hand cutter terrifyingly sits.

Meanwhile, Landowner Choi is chit-chatting with his friends, bragging about how he's suddenly gotten filthy rich. Just then, Go Eun pops into the restaurant asking for Landowner Choi. She sticks the contract to him.

Despite his strong resisting, Anthony is taken to the table where his hand gets placed under the blade. Kenji's minions look at each other and nod. They lift the blade….

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

When suddenly, someone screams out, “Stop!”

It's Akiko and she has a phone with her. She hands it to Kenji and Go Eun is on the other line, saying that the money has been wired. Kenji's man confirms it and Kenji releases Anthony.

“You are one lucky man,” says Kenji, freeing Anthony.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

The Chairman receives a call and when he picks it up, Kenji informs him that their promise can't be kept because Anthony was able to pay back the money.

The Chairman laughs and asks to talk to Kenji personally, when Anthony takes the phone.

Anthony thanks the Chairman for the money and it finally hits the Chairman that he's been tricked by Anthony. Anthony congratulates him on getting the land and hangs up.

Anthony and Kenji have their cold farewell, hoping that they never see each other ever again. We hope so too.

Infuriated by Anthony's trickery, the Chairman starts repeatedly banging the poor telephone on the table as his face starts to turn red.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Back at the restaurant, Go Eun thanks Landowner Jang for keeping his promise. Landowner Jang is more than happy to do it and asks them to work hard on their drama now. Hyun Min reassures the landowner that it'll be awesome because he is in it. Insert obnoxious laughter by Hyun Min.

Going back home, Go Eun talks to Anthony, telling him now useful she is.

“Yes, you're so useful…in making a person's blood dry up in fear.”

Go Eun laughs, saying Anthony must really be all right that he's insulting her already. He's like the drowning person who demands that the hero go save his bag too.

“If you're planning on saving a drowning person, of course you have to safely get the bag too.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

She hangs up the phone, and Hyun Min becomes annoyed that she didn't mention him at all, since Hyun Min was the one who found the bag, who drove the car, and all that jazz.

Hyun Min insists that Go Eun make sure to tell Anthony because if he tells Anthony, well, that's just embarrassing for him. Go Eun unenthusiastically replies and then hurriedly tells him to drop her off at the corner.

Anthony returns the phone to Akiko, who bids farewell to Anthony.

She plans on returning to Japan and starting a new life.

“Although the President is gone, please make a great drama. I will watch for it.”

Taking her suitcase, Akiko exits the basement.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Go Eun stands at the rooftop of her building, laughing to herself about what Anthony said about the drowning man.

Just then, Anthony joins her as Go Eun congratulates him on returning in one piece.

They bicker at each other for a bit before Go Eun asks why he's there.


What? The cold-hearted and knows-nothing-but-himself Anthony is thanking someone?

Go Eun asks if he's willing to shows his gratitude over beer, and Anthony rejects her flat-out. Okay, so Anthony hasn't changed completely.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

The next day, filming resumes.

Landowner Jang is extremely excited to be on set and witness the amazing acting of Hyun Min…who is unfortunately swimming in the freezing winter ocean.

He acts with all his might, but Director Goo asks for a fifth retake. Hyun Min asks if they can just use what they have, but Director Goo promises it'll only take one more take and that only Hyun Min can do it because he's the best ever!

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Hyun Min takes the compliment and gobbles it up, running back into the ocean. But cut after cut, Director Goo asks for a retake. Even a random dog appears by, ruining the scene, making Hyun Min curse at the son of a b*tch.

We're surprised Hyun Min hasn't murdered someone yet and is actually continuing the filming without much complaint.

After what seems like the 15th time, Director Goo okays the scene and everyone cheers for Hyun Min, as he's escorted into his heated van. Mina sits in her chair with a blanket wrapped around her.

“He has to suffer a bit to learn to be a real actor,” says Mina. Her manager agrees - and so do we.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Back at Jaekuk Productions, Jin Wan gets word that the Chairman and his group of lawyers are headed to the company.

Everyone hurries down to the lobby as the Chairman, still angered by last night's events stomps into the office.

The Chairman's determined to bring Anthony down, looking through everything such as hidden bribes. Jin Wan questions if anything can be found and the Chairman tells Jin Wan that then it's his job to make something. The Chairman won't rest until he sees Anthony in the dumps.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Hyun Min sits in his car, wrapped in a blanket. His lips are literally blue (and we feel so bad for Choi Siwon). Go Eun comes in, asking how he is. She hands him a warm coffee can.

With the little strength that he has, Hyun Min complains that she should have just taken it out of the scene, but Go Eun says she's glad to have filmed it.

“You were so amazing today that everyone around the set fell in love with you!” praises Go Eun.

Hyun Min asks if that's true.

“Was I like Brad Pitt?”

He puts on a (hilarious) smug look with crazy eyes on his face. Go Eun is taken aback, but encourages him, obviously lying that he did look like Brad Pitt.

But Hyun Min doesn't catch the insincerity in her voice and lets out an obnoxious laugh. Go Eun nervously laughs along.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Meanwhile, Mina and Anthony are by the beach, admiring the landscape, when Anthony hands back her bank account. He thanks her for the offer, but she insists that he keep it, just in case something happens again.

Anthony repeats what he said many years ago, and promises to take the money if that happens, although it won't.

Mina asks how it feels to start the first day of shooting. Anthony said there's nothing different. It's an every day thing for him, but Mina calls his bluff.

“You're quite excited right now,” says Mina. “You might be the last person on earth who knows anything about yourself.” She remarks that Anthony's lived his entire life, hiding his true feelings and emotions.

“It seems like you know everything about it,” says Anthony.

“Is there more that I need to know?”

Anthony tells Mina to erase all of her memories of Anthony, because he has already.

He turns around and walks away, leaving Mina in a daze.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

At the broadcast station, Woon Hyung stresses out about something.

He takes us back to when he at the Chairman's house, only we find out that Woon Hyung isn't working with the Chairman, but rather warning the Chairman as the chief director to halt all the things that he's doing to Anthony and the drama.

With a stone-cold face, the Chairman asks if Woon Hyung's going to support Anthony over than Chairman.

“No. Because The Morning of Gyeongseong is my drama as well.”

CP Lee knocks on the door of his office and asks if Woon Hyung will be joining the crew for dinner. He confirms it, but he can't get rid of the nagging feeling that the Chairman is planning something.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Still by the beach, Go Eun spreads her arms wide and closes her eyes, feeling the crisp air around her.

Anthony asks what she's doing, startling her.

Anthony asks what she's doing again, and she explains that it's something she does when she's really good or really bad.

“I am freely flying in the sky. Down there is my studio and my mom's fish restaurant,” Go Eun explains, flying around Anthony. She opens her eyes and tells him that after the flight, you just feel a lot better.

Anthony tells her she's weird and leaves for the dinner, as Go Eun tries to hit him, only to retract it quickly as Anthony turns to see her. Anthony turns around and a smile appears on his face.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

At the dinner, Woon Hyung makes a speech, asking everyone to work hard on the drama.

Everyone calls cheers as Hyun Min cooks the hanwoo (Korean beef), going on and on about how he's the hanwoo rep and that he knows everything about the meat, which is why he's paying for the dinner, specifically for the hardworking staff.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Anthony whispers to Go Eun that nothing is coming out of Hyun Min's pocket and the meat is just sponsorship.

Just then, the Agency CEO comes with bags of winter jackets for everyone.
Anthony tells Go Eun again that the jackets are sponsorships too.

As everyone chants Hyun Min's name and Hyun Min laughs like an idiot, Go Eun jokes with Anthony, as Mina glares in jealousy.

Anthony steps outside to take a call from a woman who is disgusted by what they are doing.

The lady on the phone is Jo Young Eun, the author of a book called The Woman of Destiny. She accuses Go Eun of plagiarizing.

But Anthony doesn't even flinch, saying he gets calls like this all time and always tells them one thing.

“Quit the sham and be squashed in a corner somewhere,” says Anthony. “Unless you want to waste more money hiring lawyers just to earn a few cents.”

Anthony hangs up the phone just as Go Eun comes to bring him inside.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

As he steps in, everyone starts chanting his name. They ask Anthony for a song.

He rejects it the first time, but after some coaxing, he brings his hands together and closes his eyes.

He starts to belt out Good Ol' Geum Gang Mountain, a very old symphonic choir song, that has all the staff members snickering.

Anthony finally opens his eyes and abruptly stops the song, leaving the room in embarrassment. Only Mina applauds.

Go Eun and the boys of World Productions liven up the dead mood by singing DJ D.O.C's Dance with DOC.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

As the party gets wild inside, Anthony dies in embarrassment outside. He's joined by Mina, who remarks at actually seeing him sing in front of people. She admits that she's wrong in thinking she knew so much about him.

She asks if he changed.
“Did you change because of Go Eun?”

He pauses for a second to look at Go Eun inside, before turning to Mina.
“I don't change for anyone ever. I decide if I choose to change.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Waking up to a terrible hangover, Go Eun gets a special delivery.
It's an appeal made by Writer Jo to ban The Morning of Gyeongseong from airing due to plagiarism.

At the same time, Anthony gets another call from Writer Jo.

Before he can reject her once more, Writer Jo says she's not going to be ignored much longer, since she's already sent the appeal to Go Eun.

Writer Jo acts high and mighty, speaking informally from beginning to end, as if she has the upper hand, but Anthony doesn't give a crap.

He calls her a pesky fly who is trying to get her lame novel known to the public and being annoying to everyone else involved.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Writer Jo gets offended, mentioning that Anthony doesn't understand the extent of this case, but Anthony shuts her down, since he has no idea how she even read the scripts of The Morning of Gyeongseong since it didn't even air yet.

But before he can say anymore, Go Eun snatches his phone and talks to Writer Jo.

They decide to meet and settle things.

Anthony explains that this happens all the time and there's no need to meet with Writer Jo, but Go Eun insists, saying it's an important problem concerning her pride as a writer. She's going to solve this. She leaves the office, and Anthony watches her, worried.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

At a cafe, Writer Jo starts off the conversation by insulting Go Eun for doing such a disrespectful thing. She continues, accusing Go Eun of stealing from her own book, which was published five years ago.

Go Eun fights back, saying the story planning for The Morning of Gyeongseong started six year ago. Writer Jo points out that Go Eun has no proof or a copyright.

Writer Jo warns her not to weasel her way out of the accusation with lies, but Go Eun talks back. “You shouldn't be unreasonably stubborn.”

Writer Jo scoffs, saying Go Eun shouldn't feel unfair because after the drama airs, it's all high sailing for her. It's Writer Jo who will actually be upset over the matter.

“Just admit that you stole my work.”

Go Eun rejects the idea, since she didn't.
Writer Jo threatens Go Eun that her drama will never make it to broadcast.

Go Eun repeats that she's not an actor who would plagiarize to publish, and Writer Jo tells Go Eun to read her book as she leaves.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Go Eun heads for the bookstore and starts reading the book, as articles about the plagiarism rise on the Internet.

The World boys call Writer Jo a weird woman, accusing Go Eun, who doesn't even know the P in plagiarism. Anthony tells them not to worry about it. He will take care of it.

Meanwhile, Anthony privately talks to Dong Suk, asking him to arrange for a lawyer to compare the novel and the script, in preparation for whatever is coming.

Dong Suk asks if it's the doing of Jaekuk Productions, and Anthony says no, because Jaekuk wouldn't do something so small like this.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

At the same time, the Chairman is pissed off to the max, asking Jin Wan if the plagiarism case is Jin Wan's doing. Jin Wan denies it. The Chairman threatens Jin Wan to not embarrass him with something small and dumb like this or else Jin Wan won't be safe either.

The SBC drama heads are having a meeting. Most people are saying that there are a lot of similarities, but others argue that with such a specific time period, some of it can't be helped.

Deputy Manager Kim says the biggest issue will be what the judge says about it and they must plan a backup plan.

Woon Hyung understands and says he'll meet with Go Eun.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Go Eun reads through the novel, letting out sigh after sigh in worry. Judging from her expression, there seems to be some similarities.

Just then, Woon Hyung visits her and asks for tea. As Go Eun prepares it, Woon Hyung sees the novel on her desk and has a moment of skepticism.

Woon Hyung chit-chats with her, but Go Eun doesn't beat around the bush and brings the topic of plagiarism up.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

She tells him that she didn't copy the novel, and Woon Hyung nods in understanding.

He tells her to focus on the script and he'll talk it over with Anthony.

He leaves Go Eun's house, also letting out a deep sight, not knowing what to do about the situation.

Anthony is with the lawyer, who went through both the novel and script.
He asks if Go Eun is a trustworthy person, because it appears that this fight will become difficult.

Writer Jo has hired a very powerful and expensive lawyer with a high success rate.

“You can say that the writer of The Woman of Destiny has put her entire destiny on this case.”

Unless there's any real proof that the drama isn't plagiarized, the drama will get banned from broadcast.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Meanwhile at Jaekuk, Jin Wan questions his assistant if he's involved in the plagiarism case. The assistant replies that he hooked Writer Jo up with the fancy pants lawyer (Ugh…why did he do something he wasn't told to do? This is how evil spawns are born) and Jin Wan gets angry that his assistant is trying to embarrass him with this petty issue.

Jin Wan, however, doesn't order for a halt but will play dumb to the issue.

At the station, Anthony reassures Woon Hyung that he will take care of the issue.

Woon Hyung comments that he's sometimes jealous of Anthony's certainty and asks if he's certain because he trusts Go Eun.

Anthony pauses before replying, “I'm only certain about one thing ? that The Morning of Gyeongseong will air on November 5.”

Back in the studio, Go Eun is looking for backup of her original script from years before. She goes to search for old emails, when she sees articles about the plagiarism…and the comments underneath each article.

She's getting discouraged, when her mom barges into the studio, saying the place looks like a pig's pen. Go Eun hurriedly closes the laptop and hides the novel.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

After receiving side dishes and deliciousness from her mom, Go Eun escorts her mom to the bus stop.

“Go Eun, remember this,” says Mom. “No matter what people say, you are my daughter. I may have made you live without money or a father, but I still raised you as a precious child. So take care of this precious body while working!”

Go Eun waves good-bye to her mom, who said all the right things at the right time. Even so, Go Eun can't stop the sighs from escaping.

She gets a call from Director Goo, who asks for Go Eun to come to the studio because Mina needs an edit on her lines.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

On the set, Hyun Min eyes Mina studying her script, highlighting and underlining and junk.

Hyun Min goes to the microphone and asks Director Goo for a break.

Getting permission for a 30 minute break, Hyun Min arrogantly

comments, “Looks like you're doing some last minute memorization. While I'm eating, finish memorizing all your lines.”

Mina scoffs, “If you have time to eat, then do some more character analysis…if you don't want to be pushed aside by me.”

She haughtily walks away, leaving Hyun Min threatening her to be careful…even though she's not even there.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

In the waiting room, Kwang Soo brings up Go Eun and the plagiarism issue.
Hyun Min sits down in front of Kwang Soo.

“I don't know about anyone else, but Lee Go Eun would NEVER do something that.”

Kwang Soo nods his head as Hyun Min adds that Go Eun was right to do a story without romance.

“Can you imagine if we did something like The Woman of Destiny? Then that would mean I would have had to hug and kiss that-that-that rude and ungrateful Sung Mina!”

And the whiny baby continues to be a whiny baby.

Anthony enters the control room to chat with Director Goo, who mentions that Go Eun is here to fix Mina's lines.

Slightly annoyed, Go Eun greets Mina and asks about the changes.
Without another thought, Mina starts criticizing all of her lines.

What the two don't know is that the microphone is still on and everyone in the control room and the waiting room can hear their conversation. Director Goo leaves the microphone on to hear what they have to say.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Mina has issues with a good majority of the script and wants everything that's underlined to be rewritten. She refuses to act if they aren't changed.

Go Eun starts to argue that Mina can't treat her like because she's a rookie, but Mina says that's not the problem.

“If you don't want to become the writer who plagiarized, fix them.”

Anthony, Director Goo, and Hyun Min all watch intently, waiting to see how Go Eun will respond.

Go Eun asks what Mina's inferring and Mina replies that by now, Go Eun's probably already finished the novel. “How was it? The female character, the similar dialogue. Was I the only one who felt it?”

Mina demands and answer from Go Eun, and after much hesitation, she replies, “I felt it too. I admit that they are quite similar.”

That's all it takes for Director Goo to turn off the microphone and Hyun Min to have his trust dashed. Anthony walks out of the control room.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Mina can't believe how shameless Go Eun is, but Go Eun defends herself, saying the novel and the script may have its similarities but she did not plagiarize anything.

Mina doesn't believe her, and Go Eun insists that the similarities are coincidental because they both take place in the same era.

Suddenly, Hyun Min jumps into the conversation, telling Go Eun to stop making up excuses.

(It's amazing how quickly his faith in Go Eun died after what he told Kwang Soo a few moments ago)

He explains that he's heard everything because the microphone was on and that he's very disappointed in her. He walks away without another word.

Hyun Min passes by Anthony and Anthony pauses, trying to read the mood.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

Mina continues her demand that the script be changed or else she won't act.

“But you have to.”

Mina and Go Eun to see Anthony. He walks up to them and he orders Mina to act without missing a single word from the script book.

Mina tries to say something, but Anthony cuts her off, saying they need to meet the broadcast date.

“Do me a favor and stop calling the writer back and forth to fix this and that anymore.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

He turns to Go Eun and tells her to go write her script, but Go Eun replies that it's just as important for her to prove her innocence. Anthony agrees, especially in order to get through the plagiarism issue.

Go Eun cries that Anthony doesn't believe her either, but Anthony disagrees.

“No. I trust you,” says Anthony, grabbing the attention of both Go Eun and Mina. “I don't believe anything in the world, including myself at times, but you… I trust you.”

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny


And Anthony is human again.

What an exciting in-yo-face moment for Mina, who gets rejected by the love of her life because of another woman. That was really satisfying after all the rudeness Mina has shown towards everyone except for Anthony.

And finally, Anthony is expressing his feelings and admitting that he does trust Go Eun, especially when all those people started rejecting and becoming suspicious of her. Although Anthony is one person, hearing that he trusts Go Eun is all we need to feel reassured that everything will be okay.

If episode 9 was about Anthony learning to lean on others for support, we think episode 10 was definitely about Go Eun learning to put her trust in Anthony and ask him for help.

We would have felt more comforted if Anthony was there with Go Eun when she went to see Writer Jung, because Go Eun was basically being eaten alive and it made us feel angry that Go Eun kind of shriveled up, despite knowing that she didn't copy anything.

In this particular situation, Anthony is the more experienced one and knows exactly how to handle it, but Go Eun's too busy trying to save her personal pride that she doesn't even see Anthony offering out a hand for her. It's not just something she can do on her own, which is why we're relieved that Anthony told her in her face that he trusts her and will do everything to help her.

[Recap: The King of Dramas] Episode 10 – The Woman of Destiny

On another note, this is kind of bad, but when the Jaekuk Chairman was banging the telephone on his desk while turning furious red in the face, we were silently hoping that he would…you know, collapse or something, so that Anthony will have one less enemy to deal with.

But (un)fortunately, the Chairman is still alive and now evil to the max.

We really wonder what his deal is with Anthony, especially since Anthony is basically the one that brought in all the money to Jaekuk Productions when he was still employed there.

What did Anthony do to the Chairman that the Chairman will do everything to see Anthony dead? It can't just all be because of greed and power right? There must be some story we don't know yet.

This drama has this talent of keeping us on our toes over the smallest issues and it's just fantastic to have this adrenaline rush after each episode.

We're just amazed of how many conflicts have come out in just these ten episodes. But at the same time, we have to wonder if The Morning of Gyeongseong will ever be made.

Guess we just have to sit around for the next six episodes to unravel.

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