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'K-Pop Star's' Judges Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young and BoA Add to the Fun with Their Quotes

Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young and BoA add to 'K-Pop Star 2' with their advice.

Quotes from SBS' K-Pop Star 2 have been going viral on the web.

Each evaluation the judges Yang Hyun Suk, BoA and Park Jin Young have to give, ever since the show started up on November 18, has been making issues among viewers.

'K-Pop Star's' Judges Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young and BoA Add to the Fun with Their Quotes

The advice from the judges, sprinkled with life experiences and expertise from the heads of YG and JYP and the original hallyu player, has become another reason viewers keep tuning in to the show, aside from all the new talents.

Yang Hyun Suk gives advice that expresses his emotions yet uses sincere comparisons that seem to come from the bottom of his heart.

When he gave Song Ha Ye, who had been eliminated, his wild card, he said, "It's like how a person who was desperate went to the hospital but heard that his disease was uncurable. I wanted to give that person hope that he could heal."

When Lee Joo Eun came back with the wrong solution to her weaknesses, he said to her, "You have to take a gun when you want to hunt a lion, and you have to take a fly swatter to catch a fly, but you always bring the wrong thing. You take a fly swatter when you need to face a lion and you take a gun when you want to catch a fly."

Park Jin Young gives unique yet expert advice. In the previous season he made popular the phrase 'half air, half sound', and this time again he's continuously evaluating contestants with his unique sayings.

After watching Kim Min Jung dance, he called her a 'hyung (big brother)', saying, "You were the greatest dancer I've ever seen, child and adult alike. You're just a hyung."

He then added a deep bow to the end of his statement, making everyone laugh.

He also showed he knows when to back off, as after watching Shin Ji Hoon, whom he had doubted would ever mature, he said, "I think I'll have to acknowledge it at this point. I was wrong."

'K-Pop Star's' Judges Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young and BoA Add to the Fun with Their Quotes

BoA gives advice based on her experiences as a teenager before her debut, providing a glimpse into her life for the contestants, who are mostly around that age. At times she is lovely, but at other times she is cold.

After Choi Hee Tae sang his self-written song, BoA sang out, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and added, "If you play the keyboard like this any woman would fall for you. Wow, your voice is really great."

To the keyboard girl Choi Ye Geun, who performed in a perfect performance, she said, "Actually when you're sitting here you start thinking immediately what the weaknesses of the person on the other side will be. But then I found myself just enjoying the performance."

The next episode of K-Pop Star 2 will air on December 23.

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