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'Talk Club Actors' Shows Confidence In Its Cast

The producer of 'Talk Club Actors' says its cast is perfect.

Producer Choi Yoon Jung of MBC's Talk Club Actors showed great trust and confidence in the cast for the show, and for good reason.

The show features big names that will make anyone's head reel, such as Hwang Shin Hye, Shim Hye Jin, Yeh Ji Won, Song Seon Mi, Park Chul Min, Ko Soo Hee, Shin So Yul, Ko Eun A, Min Ji and John Park.

This crowd is comprised of nine actors and one singer, with eight women and two men. In other words, it's a composition rarely seen in such talk shows. Naturally, viewers were drawn to speculate on how it came to be, with some guessing that perhaps the talk show originally started out as an actress talk show.

'Talk Club Actors' Shows Confidence In Its Cast

Producer Choi Yoon Jung said at the press roundtable held for the show on January 9, "I believed that the talks would become spicier if the cast was comprised of women from a variety of age groups. Still, I came to include men in the list because I thought the talk would become too biased if it features only women. We chose the number of people."

She added, "The actresses also said there should be, whether he be cool or not, at least one guy in the mix ever since the show was being designed."

She then joked, "That's why we have both a cool one and one that's not."

The cast, so far, has been drawing favorable reviews from viewers. Whether the show will be a success is still a question to be answered because the show hasn't aired its first episode yet, but the producer showed she was definitely confident in her cast.

"Each and every one of them are great people," she said. "They could each fill an entire hour-long episode of Healing Camp or Kneedrop Guru if they appeared in those shows. Since they're so seasoned, we can hear many different bits of information from them as we talk. I believe if we use this to our advantage, the show will become a truly sincere talk show."

'Talk Club Actors' Shows Confidence In Its Cast

Talk Club Actors aims to become a 'movie talk show', unlike other shows that concentrate on digging into the life stories of their guests. It will air its first episode on January 14.

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