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Speed to Donate All Profits Off of Debut Album

Speed donates profits from its album

Though their debut album, Speed's members have decided to donate all the profits from their upcoming first album.

Speed's two part music video movie have been winning critical acclaim by netizens and critics alike, which is set in the May 18 Gwangju Uprising and uses Speed's Sad Promise for the first part and It's Over for the second.

The interest and buzz has been steadily growing since the release of the videos and preorders for Speed's debut album has already surpassed 10,000 copies.

Given the strong interest, Speed's Core Contents Media recently revealed it had decided to donate all the profits from the upcoming album to the victims of the May 18 Gwangju Uprising.

Speed to Donate All Profits Off of Debut Album

A representative for Core Contents Media said, “We're thankful for the overwhelming interest we've received which was much more than what we anticipated. We hope our music videos will offer some small comfort to those who lived through the incident and we hope, no matter how much profit we earn, it will be of some help to those individuals.”

Speed will hold its debut stage on January 17 on Mnet's M Countdown.

The May 18 Gwangju Uprising began on May 18 in 1980 in which thousands of Korean citizens rose up against the dictatorship of Chun Doo Hwan in Gwangju and were ultimately crushed by the Korean army. An estimated 2,000 were killed during this period.

Photo Credit: Core Contents Media

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