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Kim Tae Woo Says Psy Did Not Attend His Wedding

Kim Tae Woo shares behind story on his wedding

During a recent filming of the show Dignity Family Full House, Kim Tae Woo talked about his wedding.

He commented, “I do remember how much my close friends gifted on my wedding, but I remember the ones who did not send a gift even more.”

MC Lee Jung Min asked, “Was there anyone who did not pay a gift for your wedding?”

Kim Tae Woo replied, “I had actually invited only 200 people with seats assigned for each guest, and so I asked for the RSVPs up until the day before the wedding. One person could not attend my wedding and he has become a famous world star."

Kim Tae Woo Says Psy Did Not Attend His Wedding

With Kim Tae Woo's reply, Lee Kyung Kyu made the studio laugh by responding, “I wonder why the 'Gangnam Style' could not make it?” suggesting that the one person who did not attend the wedding was Psy.

But Kim Tae Woo explained, “The person who could not attend my wedding did send a nice after wedding gift after our honeymoon,” expressing his gratitude.

More of Kim Tae Woo's story of becoming a father will air on February 22.

Photo Credit: Kim Byung Kwan

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