Tuesday, 26 February 2013 02:24 | By Park, HyunMin

SM Entertainment Admits f(x)'s Victoria was Eating with TVXQ's Max Changmin

F(x)'s Victoria was dining with TVXQ's Changmin

Backlash appeared when a mystery man appeared in a picture f(x)'s Victoria uploaded on her Weibo on February 24. Fans speculated that the man in question was TVXQ's Max Changmin, causing Victoria to delete the original photo and replace it with another, making dating rumors spring up.

SM Entertainment Admits f (© x)

As it became a bigger issue on the internet, SM Entertainment told enews, “After checking, we found out that the person reflected off the spoon is Max Changmin. However, the two were not alone, but Shim Jae Won and other staff members were there as well.”

SM Entertainment added that Victoria has always enjoyed cooking and invited her friends over to eat. Victoria had also invited Shim Jae Won, stylists, and other staff members. It just so happened that Max Changmin was shown reflected off the spoon.

On why Victoria erased the original picture, SM Entertainment said, “We didn't ask her personally, but due to the overwhelming response, we believe she became scared.”

Photo Credit: CeCi, Living House

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