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Kara's Han Seung Yeon Burns with Passion Toward Her Role in 'Jang Ok Jung'

Han Seung Yeon has been training hard for 'Jang Ok Jung'

Kara's Han Seung Yeon is currently very, very busy.

She never misses training her vocals and dancing as a singer, but now she's also added on top of that preparations toward becoming a full-fledged actress.

Kara's Han Seung Yeon Burns with Passion Toward Her Role in 'Jang Ok Jung'

On April 8, Han Seung Yeon made her first, brief appearance in a full-length drama piece, SBS' Jang Ok Jung. She will continue to appear as a competitor who tries to win the love of Sook Jong (Yoo Ah In) in the following episodes.

Before her shoots, Han Seung Yeon has been burning with passion toward her new endeavour, receiving training for her acting almost every day. Though such prejudices have mostly died down, there are still many who consider idol-turned-actors to be a nuisance, and that is what Han Seung Yeon fights against.

A rep from Han Seung Yeon's agency DSP Media told enews on April 19, "Even we're surprised at how hard Han Seung Yeon has been working. Many people have been telling us about how she looked in the first episode of Jang Ok Jung. She knows she's still lacking in many aspects, and so she's working hard. She will try to meet expectations."

The rep added, "It's her first appearance in a full-length piece but she's a fast learner. You can definitely look forward to her appearance."

Han Seung Yeon will start to appear regularly in the drama from its 12th episode.

Photo credit: SBS

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