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Bong Joon Ho to Fly Overseas for 'Snowpiercer's' Global Premieres

Bong Joon Ho to promote 'Snowpiercer' overseas in person.

Bong Joon Ho's Snowpiercer will finally be reaching out to the world.

According to, Snowpiercer's first overseas stop will be Denmark. The Danish premiere will take place on August 29, then be followed by a premiere in France in late October.

Premieres in Greece, Russia and more European countries will follow.

Bong Joon Ho to Fly Overseas for 'Snowpiercer's' Global Premieres

Bong Joon Ho will especially be flying to France to promote his film in person. France is known to have previously poured out favorable reviews toward his pieces The Host, Memories of Murder and Mother.

At a press event held on August 27, Bong Joon Ho smiled and expressed his anticipation toward the French premiere, saying, "I'm a director much loved in France."

He added, "I'll be flying to France soon for promotions. I've set up a lot of interviews too."

He'll next fly to Japan and other countries to continue promoting.

Out of all the countries Snowpiercer will be premiering in, the American premiere has especially been gathering interest.

Though no date has been set yet, locals have been showing great anticipation toward the film.

Whether a new version will be revealed at the American premiere has also been gathering attention. Snowpiercer will be distributed through the major studio The Weinstein Company, and though the studio is known for its skills in distribution, it's previously entered strife with its directors over the issue of editing.

Bong Joon Ho is also newly editing Snowpiercer for America.

"I came here after editing for the American version," he said. "I've never produced a new version for overseas premieres, and this is the first time I'm making a new version."

He, however, won't have to edit out too much.

"Weinstein is actually being pretty soft toward editing, probably because it's noticed how critics have praised the film and know how angry movie fans get over new edits. They even asked me which parts I want to include in the film," he said.

Snowpiercer was sold to a total of 167 countries even before its initial premiere, and is soon expected to pass the 9 million mark in Korea.

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