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B1A4 Members Announce They're Single

B1A4 says it's single

B1A4 is celebrating Solo Day everyday.

On the July 25 broadcast of KBS Cool FM Jo Jung Chi and Jang Dong Min's 2 O'Clock, the B1A4 members talked about their agency's ban on relationships.

When asked about whether such a ban exists for the group by Jang Dong Min, the members all answered "yes" and added that everyone is currently single.

B1A4 Members Announce They're Single

"There's a reason we write such songs [as Solo Day]," they said.

Jang Dong Min teased, "If you're saying this when you're not really single, your girlfriends will be on you soon."

The members answered, "They would understand, since their boyfriends are idols."

B1A4 has been promoting its new single Solo Day on July 14.

Photo credit: WM Entertainment

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