31 May 2014 09:30
B.A.P takes a shot at our acting challenge

We all know these boys can sing, rap and dance – but do they have what it takes to become the next princes of dramas?

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Text: Tammi Tan
Photos: Ng Jia Yi
Videos: Teng Siew Eng & Ng Jia Yi

Everyone knows that South Korean hip-hop outfit B.A.P’s name stands for “Best Absolute Perfect”, but surely there are some things the sextet falters in?

Call us pessimists, but we couldn’t resist the chance to dish out which of their members are the worst when it comes to random everyday activities during our interview at Grand Copthorne Hotel. We mean, you all already know what these boys rock in: powerful live performances, churning out charismatic tracks, and exuding all-around badassery.

Poor Young Jae, one of the group’s main vocalists, hit a double “jackpot” when he was almost unanimously fingered as both the worst cook and selfie-taker of the group. While he accepted his designation for the former category, he had something to say about having his selca* talents questioned.

“In my defence, I think my skills are more or less the same compared to the others,” he said. “Maybe it’s because cameras don’t accommodate my face that well. Maybe.” In other words, he claimed he isn’t photogenic (a remark we’re sure many fans will disagree with).

Youngest member Zelo was named as the worst at learning a new language due to his tendency to follow the lead of his hyungs (a term for “older brother”) and not speak up too much, while charismatic and gravelly-voiced leader Bang Yong Guk unsurprisingly clinched the title of being the least capable of doing aegyo**.

Pictured above (clockwise from top left): Zelo, Dae Hyun, Jong Up, Him Chan, Bang Yong Guk, Young Jae.

*a portmanteau of the words “self” and “camera” used by Koreans
**a Korean term for “acting cute”

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Date: Saturday, May 31
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Star Theatre @ The Star Performing Arts Centre
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