02 December 2012 12:47
Can’t Nobody Party Like 2NE1


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What makes concerts especially electrifying is the contagious energy that spreads from the performing artistes to the fans below the stage. With the four ladies head-banging to the roaring music and grooving their hearts out to the catchy tunes, the fans were inspired to wave their white wing-shaped lightsticks with greater passion.

2NE1’s call for the crowd to stand up for the song Work It brought the show to a new high as everyone in the stadium, including the scarce few middle-aged fans, sprang up from their seats and danced along to the music.  

Roller coaster ride of emotions it was, for 2NE1 and Blackjacks, as the atmosphere turned emotional when the two-hour concert was nearing its closure. Dara, who was already teary-eyed during the rehearsals, had big droplets rolling down her cheeks while Minzy and Park Bom tried to hold back theirs. Even the usually cool and collected CL became husky-voiced.

The four ladies returned on stage by sliding down from the inflated ‘playground’ during the encore and the fans were more than happy when their beloved idols performed I Don’t Care and I Am The Best for a second time. As it was the conclusion to their world tour, 2NE1 and their band had a group picture taken with all the fans in the background last night.

The concert was supposed to end with the encore when the fans started singing Please Don’t Go, beckoning the group to come on stage again. As the original song list had been exhausted, I Love You was aptly chosen as the true finale. The additional performance not only was a bonus for the Blackjacks, but it was also 2NE1’s final relish of the stage for their NEW EVOLUTION tour.

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