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Can ToppDogg leader P-Goon handle 12 members?

The rookie group talks about getting along like “soulmates”, subunit possibilities, and their admiration for Big Bang

Can Topp Dogg leader P-Goon handle 12 members?

Text and photos: Tammi Tan
Additional photos: ToppDogg's Twitter & East Entertainment
Video: Fiona Lin & Tay Yixuan

Rookie K-pop outfit ToppDogg may have just debuted in late October last year, but the 13 boys – yes, thirteen – have already embarked on their first overseas tour.

Last night, they performed at the Sheng Siong Show at the MediaCorp TV Theatre; and today, the group – consisting of members P-Goon, Seogoong, Jenissi, Kidoh, Hansol, Sangdo, A-Tom, Xero, Nakta, Yano, Gohn, Hojoon and B-Joo, aged 18 to 22 – will hold a fan meeting at Queenstown Community Centre Auditorium, where they will interact with fans and perform tracks like debut single ‘Say It’ and ‘Cigarette’.

 “We’re excited to meet our Singapore fans,” said rapper Kidoh in fluent English (he spent a couple of years in Australia as a kid) during our interview at M Hotel. “We’ve prepared a lot of performances for them.”

Despite barely being three months old as a group, they’ve managed to build a decent army of ToppKlass (official fandom name) devotees – much to their own astonishment. “It’s our first time in Singapore, so we were surprised to see so many fans greet us at the airport,” Kidoh admitted.

Can Topp Dogg leader P-Goon handle 12 members?

Top row (L-R): Gohn, Sangdo, Hojoon, A-Tom, Xero, Yano, Nakta.
Bottom row (L-R): Jenissi, Hansol, Seogoong, P-Goon, Kidoh, B-Joo

Fans have also been generous with their gifts. Jenissi, the vocalist/rapper and oldest member, proudly told us about receiving a pair of shoes with his name on it.

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