14 November 2012 11:15
Changes to K-variety programmes: Yay or Nay?

xinmsn tracks the popularity of a Korean variety programme after a change in cast line-up

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Text: Joelle Chong

We love our K-Variety crack – even if we have zero fluency in the language and are 101% reliant on subtitles, and nothing stands in the way of our growing love for these variety shows.

On top of the interesting content found in these variety programmes, the cast members and hosts play a vital role in bringing life to the shows too. Pick the right ones and the show will set off on a great start.

Korean variety shows generally have a long shelf life. Content is constantly kept fresh and all that’s needed from the hosts or cast is to have them work their magic in the right direction.

Many a time, producers opt to change the hosts and cast in order to give the shows a fresh breath of life -- or to save them from dire ratings. Viewers’ responses to such changes are on polar ends -- while some shows have garnered popularity after the switch; many more have suffered the fate of getting axed.

In our latest feature, we take a look at 10 variety programmes in Korea that have undergone cast changes and determine how popular it remained with the masses.

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