Monday, 14 July 2014 21:42 | By Ko Hong Ju

ZE:A's Hyung Sik to Leave 'Real Man' Due to Conflicts in Schedule

ZEA HyungSik to leave Real Man and begin drama filming

ZE:A's Hyung Sik will be leaving MBC's Real Man.

An affiliate of Real Man stated on July 14, “Park Hyung Sik will be stepping off the show after this week's filming for ranger training. The production team worked hard in many ways to adjust the schedules but decided that it will be difficult for him to carry out the training with his current schedule.”

Having joined the cast of KBS2's drama What's With This Family?, Park Hyung Sik will begin filming the drama soon.

The reason for leaving Real Man is reportedly due to the conflicts in his schedule, which make it difficult to carry out both the drama and the variety show.

ZE:A's Hyung Sik to Leave 'Real Man' Due to Conflicts in Schedule

The affiliate of Real Man said, “As it's the program that he was on for a long time, Park Hyung Sik couldn't hide feeling sad. He tried his best to stay on the show until the end but the situation didn't allow it.”

Meanwhile, the new member to fill in Park Hyung Sik's spot has not been decided on yet. The production team said “We could continue with the members we have now or recruit a new member,” opening possibility for different options.

Photo credit: MBC

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