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2AM's Lim Seulong and Lee Dong Wook Say Goodbye to 'Hotel King' and Viewers

Last messages from 'Hotel King'

Lim Seulong and Lee Dong Wook left their last words on their MBC drama Hotel King.

The two released messages on July 28 addressed to their viewers following the conclusion of the drama on July 27.

"So many moments will last as precious memories," Im Seulong said. "I learned a lot from seniors Lee Duk Hwa, Kim Hae Suk, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae."

He added, "I've become very close with these senior actors, and the producers and staff all worked so hard during our shoots. I want to thank them and tell them I'm sad we'll have to say goodbye. I also want to thank our viewers. I'll work hard to return with my best in the future."

2AM's Lim Seulong and Lee Dong Wook Say Goodbye to 'Hotel King' and Viewers

Lee Dong Wook said with the same gist, "I want to tell our staff, who withstood the busy schedules and cared for the actors, that I thank them so much and that I love them. Only a few actors get to appear on screen but over 100 people work hard behind the scenes for them, and I believe we've come here thanks to them. I'm sorry I didn't get to smile or comfort people much. I still believe you'll know how I truly feel."

"I also want to thank seniors Lee Duk Hwa and Kim Hae Suk for showing great passion, strength and charisma despite their having more work to do than the younger actors," he added. "I learned a lot from them, and I'll work hard to be an actor who cares for his juniors and staff like them."

To Lee Da Hae he sent a separate message, saying, "Thank you for making the difficult decision to join me when I first gave the offer, and also for helping me on with your smile. It was an honor to work with you again for the first time in eight years. Thank you also for making me feel fluttery when we met as Cha Jae Wan and Ah Mo Ne. I'll wish you more luck in the future."

He finished by saying, "To the viewers of Hotel King who showed us great love despite our flaws, thank you so much. I won't forget the love you showed for our drama, our characters and for actor Lee Dong Wook. I'll do my best to return with a good piece, good character and better acting."

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