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EXO: We’re a 10/10

The not-so-rookie boy band shared their confidence and excitement for their first upcoming local gig


Out of 10 points, how would you rate EXO’s first solo tour?

Luhan: I give it a 10 out of 10.  Since it is our first concert, we are not perfect, but our members and crew have tried their very best to create this concert.  And of course, our fans complete our concert.

What has been the most memorable fan project so far?

Chanyeol: Everytime the fans do a surprise event for us we feel so blessed.  The thought of our fans doing this for us is beautiful, and when you look at it on stage-it is also very beautiful.  One time I was riding on the sky bicycle and saw a fan holding up a message on a placard.  Reading it while I was in mid-air was a memorable moment for me.

How did you feel when you stepped on the stage for the first time for your solo tour?

D.O.: I want to show a really powerful performance.  Since it’s EXO’s first solo concert in Singapore, I’m very excited to see how our Singapore fans will enjoy the concert and cheer for us.

Which of your fellow members’ solo stages do you personally like best and why?

Tao: My solo performance.  The solo performances by other members are great as well, but I feel like my performance is something that only I can do.

Which song performed at the concert do you feel has the most meaning to you as a group and why?

Baekhyun: EXO’s debut single ‘MAMA’ is most memorable.  I’ve always dreamt of having our own solo concert and this song was the start of making my dreams come true.

After watching your SMTOWN seniors perform at their respective concerts, is there anything you feel that you can learn from and adapt for your future concerts?

Xiumin: Their performances are always amazing! They always show a perfect performance, and there is always a lot to learn from watching them perform.  I heard TVXQ! not only shows a perfect performance, but also tries their best during rehearsals as well.  After hearing that, I thought to myself that I should try to be like them and try my best at all times.

Not to forget our personal favourite:

How can fans at your concert catch your attention?

Lay: Each of the member’s solo performances.  I worked really hard in composing, choreographing, and thinking of the concept for my solo performance stage, which I am very excited to show to the fans.

(No, your eyes did not just play tricks on you and yes, we’re pretty much as confused as you are about the last one, too. Translation: please just pay attention to our solo showcases instead.)


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