05 September 2014 11:15 | By Lee Wei Lin
Flashback Friday with Super Junior

We revisit Super Junior’s music videos and chronicle their evolution through the years

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You’ve probably heard of Super Junior in one way or the other, even if you live under a rock. The Korean then-13 member boy band may not be the default choice for most talented or best looking (yes fans, I can feel your discontentment already) but they are undisputedly one of the major reasons why the kimchi phenomenon has taken over the world.

The world given a taste of K-Pop even before PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ was the talk of the town with Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ and Girls’ Generation’s ‘Gee’. Never mind that most people didn’t understand the lyrics (and probably still don’t) – what mattered is that it was a bunch of good-looking people with easily distinguishable dance moves grooving to an infectious tune that wormed its way into the depths of your brains.

The cherry on top was the repetitive chorus – the spotlight shined on the word ‘sorry’, which was a genius move on SM’s part as it is easy enough to remember and repeat, even if English is not your first language. Even up till today, the song is a staple at Korean events around the world.

But we digress. Super Junior has come a long way since being billed as a project group in 2005 and their music videos have reflected their image changes over the years – much like how children go through different stages while growing up. Their music videos have become more than just a way to flaunt their never-ageing looks and hairstyle changes; it has become representative of what the group is.

Click through to see how the group’s music videos have evolved throughout the years.

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