09 March 2014 08:45
F.T. Island: Not your typical K-pop concert

The rock band didn’t let a less-than-packed stadium stop them from unleashing an unbridled and passionate performance

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Text: Tammi Tan
Photos: ONE Producution/Marcus Lin
Videos: Fiona Lin & Tay Yixuan

All right, we’ll admit that it’s unfair – and inaccurate – to label rock band F.T. Island's gig a “K-pop” concert in the first place, despite the fact that they’re generally categorised as such and have achieved Hallyu idol status. After all, their image and sound is a stark contrast from most of their other peers underneath that umbrella term.

That disparity was apparent at their “6th Anniversary [FTHX] Live in Singapore” gig at the Indoor Stadium last night. In fact, just one look at the stage, adorned with musical instruments (F.T. Island wouldn’t be F.T. Island without them), could prompt even the most K-pop-averse to conclude that this isn’t your standard band of pretty boys.

Not that Hongki, Jonghoon, Jaejin, Minhwan and Seunghyun are lacking in the looks department, of course (far from it). Nor are they deprived of the boisterous reception from adoring devotees – although the arena was less packed than expected, primadonnas (the fandom) did their best to maintain a good atmosphere with their unabashed vocal support, waving their yellow light sticks around as they cheered, screamed and sang along.

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Relive and rock out to F.T. Island “6th Anniversary [FTHX] Live in Singapore”
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