19 January 2013 10:45
Jay Park’s groovy solo gig in Singapore

The Korean-American worked the crowd with his slick dance moves and drove the fans wild each time he lifted his shirt

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Text/Photos: Dang Hui Ling
Videos: Ling Pak Wei

If we had to pick the best artistes who are doing a brilliant job after they went solo, Jay Park, the multi-talent who beat-boxes, raps, sings and dances with such natural swag, easily ranks high on the list. 

Jay teased his fans with a couple of “shirt lift” moments right from the beginning, kicking off the show with crowd favourites “Nothin’ on You” and “Girlfriend”. Even with pocket seats in the arena, the cheers for Jay were deafening.

He continued with “Abandoned” which was met with warm and loud fan chants from the crowd. 

Although the lad claimed that “the first thing he did in Singapore’s hotel was to look for the gym” as he has not been working out lately, high-decibel screams ensued each time fans were treated to a glimpse of his body.

What makes the ‘bad boy’ a charmer is how he had no airs of a ‘star’ and even poked fun at his fans, who clearly enjoyed the interaction.

Jay displayed his humourous side during the concert as he hollered, “You guys like my shirt? I feel like a tiger today. Roar!”

Well, we think the fans loved it best when he took it off.

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