14 July 2014 09:45 | By Ng Jia Yi
K-drama villains who fail at being evil

These K-drama antagonists only had one job, but they failed at it… terribly

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We felt like throwing a hatchet at Kimura Shunji’s (Park Ki Woong) head as we watched him turn on his best friend in Bridal Mask. And yes, we raged at our television screens when Cain and Abel’s Lee Seon Woo (Shin Hyun Joon) hired thugs to shoot Lee Cho In (So Ji Sub) – his very own brother! – in a desert.

While these K-drama villains might have turned us into temporary psychopaths and had us wishing for their slow, painful deaths at every turn, it’s undeniable that they were the ones who completed the show. We’ll give them that.

After all, that’s their one and only job – to wreak havoc in K-drama land and make the protagonists’ lives as miserable as possible, so that the payoff comes off just as sweet.

There’s just one little problem – just like that colleague who’s always bumbling about the office, some villains just aren’t very good at being evil.

Between the K-baddies who never seem to succeed in their schemes, and those who don’t even try, read on for our take on who should consider going on a villainy crash course or, better yet, opt for a career change.

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