18 August 2014 11:15 | By Lee Wei Lin
K-Pop scandals turned life lessons

You are never above the law

Park Bom (© Getty Images)
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  • Park Bom (© Getty Images)
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  • Park Yoo Chun (© AP Images)
  • Jia, IU (© Getty Images)
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You are never above the law

You may be rolling in dough or have connections in all the right places, but some things will haunt you for life.

Four years after the alleged case of drug smuggling was closed, Park Bom’s situation was brought into the limelight once again. With her label YG Entertainment refusing to properly address the situation and conflicting reports emerging from different news agencies, the general public opinion is that her case was swept under the rug because of some pretty hardcore string pulling.

Her first appearance after the scandal was at YG Family’s concert on August 15 in Seoul, where her declaration of missing her fans was met with fresh comments that she has to be re-investigated and that the truth has to be revealed.

We may not know the whole truth about the situation but regardless of what happened or what the outcome will be, there is one thing that we must always keep in mind – toe the line when it comes to the law because even if you aren’t slapped with a lifelong black mark, it will still haunt you for a very, very long time.

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*Note: The life lessons mentioned in this piece are to be taken with a pinch of salt. We do not, in any way, endorse nor condemn any of the actions of the respective celebrities and all other parties involved.

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