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Kim Jong Kook’s “bromance” with Lee Kwang Soo

Menacing on the outside but all soft inside, this BFG (Big Friendly Giant) explains his bullying antics on the show

Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Lim Wen Ying
Video: Fiona Lin

Kim Jong Kook in Singapore

Diehard fans and long-time supporters of the love-line between Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook from their X-Man days, you are not the only ones hoping for an onscreen reunion between the two. Jong Kook also briefly shared his desire to have the actress guest star in future episodes of  the variety show Running Man at his first press conference in Singapore yesterday.

But don't expect anything romantic to happen from it.

While he is often subject to endless teasing for his rumoured relationship with Eun Hye, Jong Kook says he has now "passed the stage of love-lines".

"I tend to avoid it these days. It's a very simple time for me now," he explained through a translator. "But I don't mind if female friends want to join me on Running Man, be it Moon Geun Yong or Yoon Eun Hye - hopefully."

Before he found fame on variety shows, Jong Kook first gained recognition as a singer and an idol boyband member in the 90s. He's aware that fans - especially "Asian fans" identify better with Running Man's 'Sparta-Kook' than 'Kim Jong Kook, the singer', and remains just as grateful for the love and support.

Speaking to the local media in a mixture of Korean and English, the Masters' graduate from Dankook University is just as entertaining in person as he is on TV.

Kim Joong Kook in Singapore

The quick-witted Korean was also quite the charmer in his replies and would tickle reporters with his one-line retorts and candid honesty - like how he professed a liking for his affectionate nickname 'Kookie' instead of 'Commander'.

"I find that [nickname] a lot of pressure," he confessed with a sheepish grin.

When xinmsn asked if he feels pressured to maintain his toned physique for the show, Jong Kook clarified that he "keeps fit" for personal and health reasons "not for Running Man".

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