23 February 2013 10:49 | By Dang Hui Ling
Kim Jong Kook hopes to bring Running Man to Singapore

The well-loved South Korean singer and TV personality reciprocated the fans’ support with various interactive fan games and “live” renditions of his signature ballads during his fan-meet

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Text: Dang Hui Ling
Photos: Mode Entertainment

Ever wondered if anything could make Running Man's Sparta Kim Jong Kook nervous? Well, it seems like the impressive turn-out and resounding cheers from the crowd at the Kallang Theatre last night did. Or so he confessed.

The Commander started the show with classic hit "Today More Than Yesterday" and introduced himself to the audience in English. After some "coaching" from the emcee, Kookie brought laughter to the house when he spurted a couple of Singlish words such as "chio bu" (pretty girl) and "paiseh" (sorry).

Kim Jong Kook's massive popularity in Singapore was evident; every word he said and every action he made during the fan-meet was met with screams.

Touched by the support shown by the local fans, Sparta Kook agreed to inform Running Man's PD (producing director) of the love he has experienced on this trip.

As promised by the man himself during the press conference earlier yesterday, the fan-meet was filled with entertaining games and interactive moments between Kookie and the lucky fans who were picked to go on stage.

During the "Flamingo" game, the fans had to hold up one of their legs and try to 'push' the Commander out of a zone marked on the floor.

"I've never done this on stage before," he exclaimed when he learned that the next game was tug-of-war, another Running Man-inspired game. Catching his breath, he jokingly ranted, "It's so hard. What am I doing this for?"

Although Sparta Kook could easily win the games, he 'lost' most of them and suggested to take photos with every pair of contestants at the end of each game, offering applaudable fan service.

Shocked by a female fan who was shedding tears of happiness on stage, Kookie asked if she was "sad", displaying an endearing side of the Commander.

His good buddy and fellow Running Man member Lee Kwang Soo may plot to tear off Sparta's nametag on the programme every week, the fans that came wearing their own version of the nametags were dying for the Commander to tear off theirs. And so he did, for some of the lucky game contestants.

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