17 December 2012 10:58 | By Dang Hui Ling
Korean actors turned successful directors

Here is a list of actors who have found a new platform to showcase their talents behind the camera

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Whenever South Korea is mentioned these days, the first thing that comes to people's minds are Hallyu idols and their manufactured images. However, there is a rising group of artistes who desire to prove that they are more than just 'one-dimensional' celebrities.

Hollywood stars George Clooney and Ben Affleck, are just some of the many actors and actresses who are venturing into a different role, and in South Korea, some actors have jumped at the opportunity to develop their skills on the other side of the camera.

While it may not be a new phenomenon, it's not a common sight to see Korean actors trying their hands at directing in the past, much less with significant success. Nevertheless, some of the new actors-turned-directors are determined to pave a way for themselves by signing up for filmmaking classes in colleges and graduate schools.

Although most of them started out working on short films, many have their sights set on directing full-length feature films. An advantage that these rookie directors have is their experience as actors that could be presented in the films they produce.

In our gallery, we pick out a handful of Korean actors who've had a successful venture into the world of directing. Read on for more!

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