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Korean cutie Lee Hyun Woo wants a kiss for his birthday

The 19-year-old actor in idol drama To The Beautiful You delighted fans during his maiden visit to Singapore

Lee Hyun Woo

Text/Photos: Lee Wei Lin

Korean actor Lee Hyun Woo is hitting the big 2-1 (in Korean years) in a little over five months – an important milestone as it marks his coming-of-age in Korea. This day is traditionally commemorated with gifts such as roses, perfumes and sometimes even a kiss.

During an interview at The Ritz-Carlton with xinmsn yesterday, the charming 19-year-old initially misheard a question by reporters, gleefully exclaiming that he would like to receive a kiss if he had to choose between the three gifts. After clarifications, when he realised the question was on who he would like to receive the kiss from, Hyun Woo laughed in embarrassment and fanned himself repeatedly.

While he did not give a direct answer to the difficult questions posed by reporters, his distant look and shy smile hinted at the presence of a “special someone” in mind.

When the interview took a serious turn, the teenage actor turned pensive on the topic of his career, tackling difficult questions with maturity beyond his years. “Every character I’ve played has certain memories attached to it, making it special in its own way. There are still a lot of characters and roles I’d like to play (sic) and I’m still lacking in many ways,” Hyun Woo philosophized.

During the meet-the-fans session held afterwards, the 19-year-old showed that he is still very much a kid at heart, bringing smiles to fans’ faces with his infectious enthusiasm, unlike his mature front during the interview.

Lee Hyun Woo


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