11 December 2012 10:30
Korean drama clichés you love to hate

xinmsn checks out the list of staples in Korean dramas that keep viewers coming back for more

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Prince Charming

Prince Charming comes in more ways than one. The previously mentioned hot, brooding male lead may morph into the epitome of Prince Charming at the end of the drama, complete with over-the-top romantic gestures (to be discussed shortly), but he more often than not comes in the form of the second male lead.

He’s the one who will wipe away the heroine’s tears when life becomes too hard to bear but eventually ends up broken-hearted himself when the inevitable happens – she finds her happily-ever-after with someone other than him.

Cue shattered hearts all around, with even those who’ve been rooting for the main couple right from the start shedding a few tears of their own to compliment the jilted Prince’s.

One of the most self-sacrificial second male leads comes in the form of Lee Yul (Kim Jeong Hoon) of Goong. Not only did he endure the wrath (and a couple of punches) of his cousin, Crown Prince Lee Shin, comforted the female lead when she needed him most (and was later unceremoniously rejected), he went on national television to apologise for a mess that he did not create.

With characters like that, it’s no wonder girls fall over themselves trying to meet the actors who brought their romantic fantasies to life.

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