11 December 2012 10:30
Korean drama clichés you love to hate

xinmsn checks out the list of staples in Korean dramas that keep viewers coming back for more

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Over-the-top romantic gestures

It’s hard to find someone who shuns a dose of old-fashioned romance – even the most jaded of people are likely to melt with the simplest of gestures – as long as it’s from the heart. But what fun would it be if drama-land stuck to the basics of chocolates and enormous bouquets of roses?

Cue extremely devoted (and more often than not, rich) male who wants to profess his love for the female at every turn.

Among the list of over-the-top gestures worth noting: firework displays, helicopter rides and exotic getaways – all of which are found in Boys over Flowers.

Money aside, male leads can still make the female lead swoon with super-sweet gestures. What’s an apology with store-bought presents when the leading man stays up all night baking sweet treats to appease your anger, à la Panda and Hedgehog?

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