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Lee Hong Gi rates himself 99/100

What makes the rocker-turned-fashionista so confident about himself?

Text: Dang Hui Ling
Photos: DatzEntertainment and FNC Entertainment

Lee Honggi

Most K-pop fans recognise Lee Hong Gi as the vocal powerhouse of F.T. Island. His quirky antics, both on stage and in real life, have become a distinctive feature of the singer and something that die-hard Primadonnas (F.T. Island fans) adore.

Our jaws slightly dropped when the 24-year-old was cast as a “chaebol” (the heir of a large family-owned business conglomerate) in Korean drama Bride of The Century – we needed some time to get used to seeing Hong Gi putting on a pokerface while being all suited up.

Before the singer-actor returns to Singapore for his first solo fanmeet Lee Hong Gi’s Proposal in Singapore on Jul 19 at Resorts World Theatre, xinmsn caught up with the talented chap to learn more about his latest endeavours.

With his stern and aloof mannerisms, Choi Kang Joo, Hong Gi’s role in Bride of The Century, is quite unlike the rocker that we know of. So, how does the actor get into character during filming?

“I try to hypnotise myself every time I act as Choi Kang Joo. I tell myself: ‘I am a rich and sensitive person’,” replied the hard worker, who was forced to halt filming when he dislocated his shoulder and suffered a facial fracture when he slipped on ice last December.

Lee Honggi

Apart from his acting projects, Hong Gi also published a nail art book last year and recently ventured into fashion, a field which he has always wanted to explore. “At first, I was only planning to launch jewellery, but I changed my plan to include clothes as well,” the aspiring designer revealed.

Last we heard, some of the products under his label Skull Hong, such as tank top, beanie and pouch, will be available for purchase at his Singapore fanmeet.

Now that he has earned himself the title of Creative Director, Hong Gi even had a tip to share about his designs: “I care about the matching of colours the most.”

When asked to rate himself in sartorialist terms, the confident chap unabashedly gave himself a 99/100. We’d make sure to find out what is that one point which he lacks, when he visits in three weeks’ time.

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