11 May 2013 07:30
Lunafly wants to collaborate with 2NE1

The up-and-coming Korean trio tells us what makes them different from other idol groups

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Text and photos: Tammi Tan
Video: Teng Siew Eng

It’d be difficult to label Lunafly as just another K-pop band. For starters, they consist of just three members (a rarity in an industry that’s fond of churning out at least a quartet): Yun, Teo, and half-English, half-Korean Sam, the bilingual British-accented leader of the group (another uncommon find).

Then there’s their music. “The thing that makes us stand out is the fact that we release English versions of all our Korean songs,” Sam explained during an interview with xinmsn at Studio M Hotel. This certainly helps boost their appeal to a wider international audience, and is a refreshing departure from the usual Japanese or Mandarin routes other bands go down.

Sam went on to add that while other bands usually have just one or two main vocalists, all three of their members have prominent singing parts. “We also write almost all of our own songs.”

Lunafly first caught attention with label mate Jea of the Brown Eyed Girls tweeted a photo of herself with the boys, introducing them to her followers and asking them to “show them your love”. “The Brown Eyed Girls have all helped us out in their own ways and are all very, very nice to us,” Sam said of his seniors.

They also discussed their friendships with newly-debuted LC9 (previously nicknamed the Brown Eyed Boys), whom they’ve known for years and currently live with. “They’re all amazing singers and dancers, and are going to be the next big thing.”

(Continued) Lunafly wants to collaborate with 2NE1

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